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Meet your Manager in Paris Thierry


I am Thierry, Eve's Manager in Paris and I welcome you to the most wonderful city in the world.

I have lived in Paris since late sixties and with Christiane, my wife. We are so fond of this city because it is so very attractive and there are so many things to do. Even now, 40 years after our arrival, we love to walk around with our wide eyes open and every time we discover new building or places. Lately I have seen for the first time the Arenes of Paris that have been built by the Gallo roman... Really surprising.

When Jules (who I have known for over 30 years, I was at his wedding when he got married with Florence) and Ron (his good friend) told me that they wanted to build eve, I told them that they could not do it without me. I was delighted with this idea to share my experience of Paris with people who want to discover the city as I see it.

I loved the idea help apartments renters because I know that sometime one can fell lost in a such a bit big city which is very different than what you find in your country and often a small bit of advice makes things easy...

When you need it, I will be very happy to help you for any reason during your stay, whether you have inquiries about the apartment you rent or any information you need or problem you have to face in Paris.

Christiane and I have two daughters. Laura who lives in the south in the beautiful Pays Basque (where Christiane was born) and Audrey who lives in Paris. She will look after you if I am abroad or not available.

Don't worry, she speaks fluent English (better than I do, I must say...).

I am looking forward to meeting you in Paris.