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Forbidden Fruit.

Eve couldn’t resist that apple and neither can you. Don’t be shy now, you clicked that button, so plunge on. Eve knows that you are looking for something, a bit out of the ordinary. That something more that scratches a personal itch. An itch that Paris has scratched for centuries.

Paris has a darker side. Lives and monuments undergound. Catacombs. Fringe cultures. Street art. A world that few of us and fewer visitors still ever see. A private Paris that is below the radar.

We have the keys to unlock those doors. So eve help you to find the other side of Paris.

Want to find that hot club, let an eve Passioinsta take you there.

Dare to walk in closed underground cave.

See the catacombs of Paris on a guided tour.

Wander the cemeteries of Paris at night.

Don’t worry. We won’t bite.

To learn more about evevillas forbidden fruit please call Jules at 1.860.222.0001 or send in the contact form . Tell eve all about it.