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Passionista a true guide for vacation in Paris

Your eve Paris flat is only the start of a unique way to visit Paris see through the eyes of Parisians and make your vacation in Paris a memorable one.

Our guests have a wide range of interests and reasons why they visit the City of Light. Be it the obvious but essential visit to the great museums and best known shops, or things wonderful, zany, and unusual, eve's Passionistas can help you get there and experience Paris through the eyes, ears, and senses of a Parisian.

Passionistas are not professional guides, but people who themselves have a vibrant and serious interest in many of the same, special things that interest you. They are eager to share their knowledge, insights, access and understanding of places, people, and opportunities that might not ordinarily be within reach

Whether for an hour or a day, we invite you to join one of our Passionistas who will take you past the surface to places and things that are uniquely Parisian. Our Passionistas are driven only by their passions and they want to meet you, get to know you, and introduce you to experiences and to people who share their interests with them.

Fluent in English, there is no one in Paris like an eve Passionista who will take you in back doors, through side entrances, expose hidden curiosities, or show you the obvious in a brand new and exhilarating way.

Vacation in Paris is all about experience, If you have a special interest, let us know what it is and we'll do our best to connect you with an eve Passionista during your visit. Remember, no interest is too narrow, odd, or out of the box. Whether it is shopping in the local markets and preparing dinner in your own kitchen with a Parisian chef, simply hiking through one of the great parks, exploring the city's underground (and off-limits tunnels – yes one of our Passionistas knows the secret entrances and is a full-fledged Parisian spelunker), or spending a few hours at the Eifel tower with an engineer who revels in its splendor and construction, or visiting one of the fashion houses (not open to tourists), if it is your passion, it is ours too. Contact us by sending an email to Ron Katz –, send in contact form or call us at 01.860.222.0001 so we can connect you with your passion for Paris.

Be sure to tell eve what interests you in Paris.