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Connect With Our Eve Paris Concierge Service

Eve Paris provides you with the most rewarding, sensible, and economical travel experience possible. We are here to assist you with all aspects of your trip, from airport transfer to car rental. We endeavor to offer you the most convenient and best priced options available in the travel market.  Let us help you with:

1.  Flight tickets. If you are flying onward within Europe please contact us about local flights and nearby airports that can save you lots, you will be surprised at the difference in prices.

2.  Local transportation. We have contracts with reliable trustworthy local transportation providers who have worked with us for years. There are three things you will find in every one of them: Courtesy, reliability, and competitive pricing, often below prices advertised on the Internet. That’s because we deal with local providers and you pay local rates, not tourist rates.  

3. Discount tickets.  eve Paris is built upon local experiences with small businesses.  As such our contacts are not with big corporations so we do not offer set discounts at restaurants, shops, or events and we never take kick backs. We ask that our recommended local establishments commit to giving back to charitable and environmental causes and offer our eve travelers unusual one of a kind experiences instead of every day discounts.

4. Travel Insurance.  We offer travel insurance at very competitive prices.

Interested in any of our eve Paris concierge services?  Then contact us by using the contact form or call Ron Katz at 01 860 222 0001