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Our Carbon Credit Option Is Just The Beginning

We are a new company and still forming our policies about sustainability and giving back. But that being said, we pledge the following to you, our customers:

1. Eve Paris is focused on creating local experiences that help the small entrepreneurial businesses around each eve villa property to thrive. That is a good thing but that is not enough. We are searching for charities that have similar goals and will donate a 1% of our profits to them from year 1 in each locale that we work with.

2. We are searching for charities that support travel experiences for those who might not other be able to enjoy them, especially disadvantaged youth. Are you aware of one? Contact us at We would love to hear from you. Again, we will donate a 1% of our profits to them from year 1 once selected.

3. We are developing a sustainability audit that we will provide to each of our property owners and encourage them to make the changes we suggest. Long term we look to develop a certification program for all players in this industry.

4. We know that travel has a negative effect upon our environment by increasing our carbon footprint. We will offer a carbon offset option on each property rental.

Any other suggestions on how we can do better? Contact us at