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All About Eve.

We love to travel. Travel is about discovery. Pleasure.Excitement. Joy.

We love Europe. For lots of reasons.And not just the food and the museums. It is a different way of life that we have learned to love.

But hold on. Who are ‘we’ anyway? We are two long time friends who share a passion for exploration and travel. We were college roommates at Cal. Both of us married French women; one of us settled in the SF Bay Area, the other in New York. We built lives, families and businesses and always stayed in touch.

Without knowing that the other was doing so, each of us bought an apartment in France in 2004, one in Paris and one in Cannes. We stayed at each other's flats and shared our stories. We realized that we were both renting out our apartments to help pay the bills and that we were using very similar strategies to do so.

Then in 2009, again coincidentally, each of us sold our U.S. businesses. We spent more and more time working on our apartments and traveling. As we got further involved, we were approached by apartment owners asking for our help with renting their flats. Our ideas worked for them as well. We realized that these ideas made sense. Two ideas stood out: First, our guests loved the local experiences that we helped them to find around each apartment. Second, each of us worked with a local manager who was there to help a guest with a problem at any time.

We created Eve Paris to change the way that vacation travelers rent Paris vacation apartments, and flats. When you rent an apartment you rent more than a property; you rent an experience. Whether it is the corner butcher, baker or florist, you are now a citizen of a neighborhood, even if for only a week.

Eve Paris is built on a community of shared knowledge and unique experiences. When you rent with us, you become a part of this world, your reviews and experiences add to the knowledge that surrounds each apartment, neighborhood and city. We help each other to experience a city as a local would know that when you come back from a day's journey, there is a welcoming place to stay and a voice to answer your questions.

Over the years we have become the preferred provider of Paris vacation apartments for all our customers.

Your enjoyment is our greatest satisfaction.

Ron and Jules