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Rent By Experience.

The starting point for our travel company is always your property. This is our handshake. The moment where we meet you for the first time. We provide you with a number of carefully chosen properties that offer right combination of location, price, size and amenities to choose from. This is how it works, isn’t it?

Not any more. Evevillas is the first vacation rental company that lets you find the right rental based on what you want to do on vacation. We know that the experience that you will have in Paris is as important as the property. Think about this for a moment.

What happens after you arrive at a vacation rental? The agency you rented from will give you a a map and some keys. If you are lucky someone has left some notes about the neighborhood. Hopefully you bought along a guidebook. Maybe a friend told you where to go for dinner that night. If not, well, good luck.

Eve is that friend. And more. And she lives in the neighborhood that you are visiting. We scour Paris for experiences from the expected to the unknown. Then you can select from what you want to do when you get there and we will help you to find the right apartment to enjoy them from. If you are traveling to Paris to hear gypsy jazz you don’t need to stay in Passy.

To rent the evevillas apartment that will lets you experience the Paris you dream about you can either call Jules at 1.860.222.0001 to get started or send in the contact form. Make sure you write down the 5 (or more) things you want to experience in the city of light. We’ll take you there.